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Guest Reliability Standards

Guests who stay in listings on Connecthedocks must meet the following guest standards:

Our goal is to ensure that these standards are clear, and that our enforcement is proportionate to the severity and persistence of the violation.

Connecthedocks guest standards for stays

Respect the listing

Regardless of a host’s house rules, we expect that all guests abide by the following standards at all of their Airbnb reservations:

  • Check-in time: Guests should respect their dock host’s check-in window. Any check-in before or after the designated window should be approved by the host.
  • Guest authorization: Guests should respect the approved number of guests—both for overnight stays, liveaboards, and for other visits to the listings — and should inquire with their host if they’re unsure about the rules for visitors.
  • Pet authorization: Except for assistance animals, guests should not bring any pets inside a listing that was designated as “no pets” in the dock rules, bring more pets than are authorized into a space, or fail to disclose any pets brought along to the dock host.
  • No smoking: Guests should not smoke inside a listing unless they are otherwise authorized to by the host. This includes the use of tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes, etc.
  • Security device interference: Guests should not tamper with or remove an approved and appropriately disclosed security or monitoring device from the dock property.
  • Cleanliness: Guests should not leave the listing in a state that requires excessive or deep cleaning (excessive trash, etc.). Cleaning fees may be applied if it is proven the dock is left in a state of disarray.
  • Checkout time: Guests should complete checkout by the designated checkout time indicated on the Connecthedocks reservation, and should not leave belongings at the listing past the designated checkout time for storage or later pickup without authorization from the dock host.
  • Key return: Guests should return any keys to the Connecthedocks listing by the official checkout time.

Respect the surrounding community

Guests represent the Connecthedocks community in all of their interactions both within dock listings and in those listings’ neighborhoods. Guests should be mindful of the standards that, when violated, have a substantial impact on a hosts’ experience on Connecthedocks, their surrounding communities and hosts’ abilities to maintain positive reputations with their neighbors:

  • Noise: Guests should respect all designated quiet hours, and keep disruptive noise to a minimum (ex: loud music, shouting, constant stomping, etc.).
  • Parking designations: Guests should be mindful of designated parking locations and hours, and the number of cars that a host allows at their listing.
  • Litter: Guests should put their trash and debris in designated trash receptacles and be mindful of excessive amounts of trash that exceed the neighborhood norm.

Respect your dock host’s rules

Each listing is unique. Often, guests are staying in a dock on someone’s personal home, and they should respect each place to stay accordingly. Dock Hosts may have house rules that serve specific purposes such as recycling instructions, trash instructions, bathroom uses etc…

  • Dock rules: We expect guests to respect the dock rules that comply with Connecthedocks’s Terms of Service and company policies and inquire with the host if they have questions before booking a reservation.

Reporting a violation

Connecthedocks accepts reports directly from hosts that contact us, as well as from neighbors.

If you are a dock host who is dealing with a suspected or actual violation of these guest standards, we ask that you:

  • Communicate with your guest—this is often the quickest path to resolution.
  • Document the issue through Connecthedocks message support email(Support@connecthedocks.com), correspondence, an emailed complaint from a neighbor, photos, etc.
  • Report any issues directly by emailing us through support@connecthedocks.com
  • Leave an honest review with feedback so that the guest can improve for future hosts.

Holding guests to these standards

Connecthedocks encourages dock hosts to promptly report violations of these standards. A reported violation of any of these standards is considered alongside past violations, which informs the enforcement decisions made by Connecthedocks. Reports are reviewed on both the severity and frequency of violations.

If it’s determined that a guest has violated these standards, we’ll provide information about the policy and warnings. Guests who frequently or severely violate these standards may be suspended or removed.

Tips for dock hosts

We encourage hosts to clearly outline expectations for guests in their listing descriptions, through Connecthedocks listing threads. It’s particularly important to specify rules around parking, pets, and hours available, so we know what should be considered unauthorized under the policy.

In setting house rules, hosts should be mindful of neighbors and think of rules that will minimize disturbance to them. Limiting the number of guests, establishing quiet hours, and designating parking spots are all ways to help prevent nuisance reports from neighbors. Connecthedocks will only assist in enforcing house rules that comply with Connecthedocks’s Terms of Service and company policies.

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