About Our Company

Connecthedocks™ is a new way for booking boat docks. You can now reserve docks online just like you would with hotel rooms, plane tickets and restaurants. We encourage you to find and book the perfect boat dock as you explore new destinations!

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Why It All Started?

It all started with a French Editor from Sailing Magazine, and our private unused dock. Back in 2011, I (Davis Helsby) was living on New River in Fort Lauderdale, when a French editor knocked on my door asking if we’d be willing to rent our unused dock to him on a month by month basis. It was a win-win. He had a very safe and convenient place to store his sailboat, and we earned rental income to offset our living expenses. I realized that there was demand from both private dock owners and boat owners to connect, and there had to be a better way of connecting them.

As a result, Connecthedocks™ was born.

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Who We Are

We are lovers of maritime life.

Here at Connecthedocks™, we are a collection of like-minded individuals who love everything about life on the water. Our crew is comprised of experienced sailors, boaters, captains, fishermen, surfers, wakeboarders, and maritime explorers. You could say that being in and around the waterways is both our passion and profession. With our diverse knowledge and skills, we want to help more people develop a fondness for the seafaring experience without living through the worst parts of boating - trailering, docking, and storage.

After all, boats should be in the water.

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Why Choose Us?

Our intuitive and streamlined online platform makes it easy for dock owners and boaters to connect with one another through our trusted, transparent, and verified listings. We establish trust between both parties through our rating system, and our team provides legal disclosure to eliminate possible discrepancies that may pop up. We lower costs by offering a broad range of options and eliminate boat trailering and docking issues for boaters.

Who Can Benefit From Connecthedocks™?

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A Better Boating Experience For All

Your dock is a valuable asset & your boating experience shouldn’t be hindered by hassles. Join Connecthedocks™ today to list your dock and earn revenue or find a dock and enjoy a better boating experience.