There is nothing better than staring out over the water while sipping a warm drink in the early morning, watching as the boats lazily make their way to and from the marina. Every once in a while, you notice an unlucky owner trying to squeeze into a slipway too small for their boat or too crowded because of overbooking. If only there was a way to offer fellow boat owners a safe and secure dock to rest while at the same time bringing in some extra income to cover your expensive property taxes.

That is where Connecthedocks™ comes in to help. We are a multi-sided online platform designed to serve as the Airbnb of dock rentals. We connect boating enthusiasts with private dock owners through a leading online marketplace that eliminates the storage headaches associated with enjoying life on the open water. When you put your dock up for rent, you earn money on the side to help pay your mortgage and property taxes while also meeting up with people from all over the world who enjoy the boating lifestyle. 

How Does Renting a Dock Work?

Whether you are looking to offer your dock for a few nights a week or for long-term rentals, we are here to automate the entire operation. Our online platform allows you to list your dock, slip, or moorage for a minimal transaction fee. We do all the background work while you enjoy a steady stream of profit. You’re only a few clicks away from starting an excellent side business with Connecthedocks™.  

1 – Create Your Account and List Your Dock

Start by signing up for your customized profile. Fill in some quick information about your listing, like its size, location, description, and any photos you think potential renters will enjoy. You set the terms and pricing for any future bookings, and we handle the rest. Connecthedocks™ has options for short period rentals and long-term commitments.  

2 – Receive a Dock Booking

After creating your unique listing, you can sit back and relax as the bookings start rolling in from our boaters. You’ll receive a confirmation notice about a potential booking from a boater with the dates they wish to use your dock. Every user on Connecthedocks™ has a review section letting everyone else know how they were as a renter or boater. This allows you to accept or decline any reservation you want based on boaters’ past interactions and reputation. We put the control of your dock in your hands so that you always feel safe and secure using our service.

3 – Confirm and Get Ready

Once a connection is made between you and a dock owner, a notification will be sent to confirm all the details. Our booking process is designed to be as quick and easy to understand as possible to eliminate any confusion. We work hard to ensure our platform provides you with all the opportunities you need to enjoy your time on the water while earning a bit more on the side. All you need to do now is prep your dock for receiving the guest with any safety measures or special enhancements you wish to share. Once the renter has completed their stay, you’ll receive payment and be ready for the next guest. 

We do the Marketing

With Connecthedocks™, we do the marketing. After you have signed up for an account and listed your location, we spread the word around our website, social media, and other digital platforms to let everyone know new docks are available. The more connections we make, the more you can earn some income. Your success is our best way to spread the word about our valuable service. We target those markets specifically for rentals and tenants eager to book your dock listing.

We handle all the background details to make things smoother. We complete the reservation, accept pre-payment for the rental fees, and disperse that payment to you after a successful stay. You get complete control over how much you rent your space and what reservations to accept. We even have a special cancellation feature you control that explains to each potential renter what happens during inclement weather, or other unforeseen events. 

Where to Learn More

Are you ready to begin your dock rental journey? Check out our website for more answers to your questions and information about how our process works. We are growing every day with new listings and are excited to address any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. With Connecthedocks™, we put the power of enjoying the open water back into your hands.