Your boat dock is an important facet of your waterfront property, and just like your home and other assets, protecting it with insurance coverage from any unforeseen accidents or damage is crucial. Not only does having the right coverage protect you from liability, but it can soften the blow if your dock needs to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, boat docks aren’t covered under boat insurance policies, and your homeowner’s policy may exclude it entirely if your boat dock is being rented out for profit. Some Insurance companies will add a Commercial Use Endorsement to allow short-term rentals, although the number of Carriers allowing this is dwindling. To help sort this out, let’s jump in and discuss what boat dock coverage does look like. 

Will My Homeowner’s Policy or Boat Insurance Cover My Boat Dock?

If you have a standard boat insurance policy, this will only cover damages and liability for the boat itself, and does not extend coverage to any permanent structures like a dock that you own. The same generally applies to homeowner insurance policies, which only cover your property and any attached structures. This means that if there is an accident on or around your boat dock, the damage may not be covered under a traditional insurance policy. 

What Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover? 

For most individuals, traditional boat dock insurance is an extension on their existing homeowner’s or personal property coverage policies. Unfortunately, these policies are limited, and only apply to boat docks that are being used personally, and not commercially.  When used personally, the following may apply: 

  • Homeowner Policy With Other Structure Coverage. If you have this kind of policy, then damage to the dock from covered perils such as fire, lightning, windstorms, and hail may be covered. However, it’s important to note here that if your insurance company considers a dock to be removable after the boating season is over, you may not have full coverage all year round.
  • You Have Personal Property Coverage. If your boat dock is considered removable after boating season, your personal property coverage may cover repairs or replacement for specified perils up to your coverage limit. 

If you’re planning on renting out your boat dock, it will be excluded from your homeowner’s policy, which is why we do not recommend using any of the above as coverage extensions. Instead, we highly recommend using commercial-based boat dock insurance policies. 

How Can I Get My Dock Insured For Commercial Use? 

If you’re looking to rent out your boat dock to generate a profit, then owning a commercial boat dock insurance policy is a must. One of the benefits of signing up and listing your dock for rent on Connecthedocks, is that we offer all boat dock owners Dock Host Liability, and a Dock Physical Damage Policy. These policies provide coverage for various types of accidents and damages, including liability claims and structural damage to the dock itself.

  1. Dock Host Liability: The Dock Host Liability Coverage offers dock owners 1MM in coverage at an “insured location” through Connecthedocks. You can read up on the policy, including the limits, insuring agreement, exclusions, inspections, deductible, and more here.
  2. Dock Physical Damage Policy: The Dock Physical Damage Policy covers up to 5MM in damage caused to the dock by boaters. This policy is included in Connecthedock’s Superhog-Guest Screening and Booking Protection Policy – meaning that for any approved booking where a guest fails to meet liability, SuperHog may reimburse the host.

If you are looking to rent out your boat dock, it is essential to have the right type of insurance coverage to protect yourself and your property. At Connecthedocks, we offer a range of commercial insurance policies for boat docks, including Dock Host Liability and Dock Physical Damage coverage. To learn more about these policies and how they can help protect your dock, contact us today!